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Hi there!

If you don't see your question answered here please contact me and I will be happy to help. 

1. "Do you offer prints?"

Yes! Check the Prints and Stretched Canvas Prints categories. If you want a custom size and I can do it I totally will. Just ask!  

2. "How are your paintings shipped?"

My paper paintings are shipped rolled in a sturdy tube. Anything 8 x 10 or smaller is shipped flat in a box. Canvas paintings are shipped via UPS. 

3. "Do you do commissions?"  

Why yes, yes i do. Contact me and tell me you want to commission something.  I will email you back and we will become friends and stuff.  

4. Returns

All sales are final. If you aren't sure about a piece please contact me and I can send you more images. Sometimes the colors can vary based on your individual computer screens and/or eyeballs. We all see color a bit differently, ya know?  

5. "My painting isn't here yet!!!"

Take a deep breath. Usually it's just in transit. If I had a nickel for every time someone emailed me about their painting not being there and then it showing up later that afternoon, I could retire.  The truth is I ship via the USPS and sometimes they are slow. I also only ship paintings once a week, usually on Friday.  So if you order on a Monday it won't actually be in the mail until Friday of that week.  And then you can count on it arriving 5-7 business days after that.  

If for some reason it hasn't arrived and I shipped it, then please contact me immediately.  Many times a client gives me an old address because it's associated with their credit card.  Believe me, it happens A LOT.

Please be sure to leave me a note that your shipping address has changed and leave me the new address.  I have all the tracking info for domestic orders and can trace the whereabouts. PLEASE DON'T CONTACT YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND REQUEST A CHARGE BACK!  I am not a pottery barn.  I am an artist and a charge back can put a hurtin' on my bank account.  As I said, if you email me first I can usually fix the problem.  If the painting is lost forever I will paint you another, or let you pick something from my store of equal value. 

If your painting arrives and it's destroyed or wrinkled or looking like it's been through a gorilla cage, please contact me to discuss the next course of action.  There are several things we can do here, so it's best if we just talk it out.